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In stock and available now at Door County Music Company in Sturgeon Bay.

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Fender, Yamaha, Gretch, Jackson, Ibanez, Washburn, Epiphone, SilverTone, Wechter, Jay Turser, Daisy Rock, Hohner, Takamine, Warwick, AXL, Baltimore and Johnson


In Stock Now:

10 Piece PDP Pacific Drum Set with double braced hardware, Zildjian, TKO Cymbals. In addition, countless variety of Ethnic hand drums. Ability to order by customer specification all top brand name percussion sets and accessories. One-day delivery.


In Stock Now:

Complete P.A

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. System by Gemini, mixers, amplifiers, pedals, pedal boards, mics, all stands by customer specifications. One-day delivery.


In Stock Now:

Fender Amplifiers. Vox Amps, Peavey Bass and JSX Peavey Tube Head with half stack Guild Bass Bottom, also newest line of Rocktron and Johnson Amplifiers.


In Stock Now:

Wide variety of handcrafted Cigar Box Guitars and Acoustic Guitars.  Also, Banjos, Ukuleles and Mandolins by Savannah.


In Stock Now:

Large selection of strings for all stringed instruments. Cables, Mic Cords, Tuners, Harmonicas, Slides, Cleaning Kits for all instruments, Rosin, Reeds and Adaptors.


In Stock Now:

Large selection of cases for all instruments, both soft and hard shell.


By Special Order:

Complete line of lighting systems, special effects, stage units.


In Stock Now:

Digital Keyboards by Yamaha, Casio, Technics. Ability to order by customer specification. Full Size Digital Pianos.


In Stock Now:

Yamaha Alto Saxophone, Gemeinhardt Flute. Ability to order by customer specification. All band instruments, reed instruments and stringed instruments ie. Violins, Cellos and stands for all instruments. Bells by Pearl.